On this page I will try to explain my whole reason for setting up this web site. It started with one man, my Dad. Dads story is, for me, just a starting point. As I didn't know anything much about my dad prior to 2001, I feel very proud of what I have discovered. This is also about us, the Kempik's.

Family is every thing. It has been said, you can choose your friends but not you family. 



Dads journey to Scotland was long, full of danger and I'm sure full of sadness and worry. I hope he felt satisfied with his life after what he had been through and I often have almost religious feelings of gratitude to who ever made it possible for him to be able to return home to Poland before he died, as it happened only one year later.

But I know it was Dad that made this possible.


Dad came to Scotland after WW2. Born in Poland, land of the Kempiks as we know it. The most important Kempik of our little branch of the Kempik family tree. He had no homeland that he could return to, so like so many of the Poles, he made his home in Scotland. Roots soon sprouted and he met and married our mum. They had four Children. We went on to get married and have our own children. Jerzy Kempik, one man all alone in a strange country 55 years ago. Sadly dad died in 1969. He would be very proud of his seedlings, 12 in total, children and grand children. I hope loads of great grand children soon to come.








Dad had few friends and none like the Lairds from Cardenden in Fife. Uncle Jock and Auntie Annie befriended dad maybe at a time so crucial we will never know how special they were to him, I would like to thank them for their friendship then and now, from the bottom of my heart. Jock died a few years ago, sadly before I started my journey of discovery, I wish he had been there to see me on my way.


  Annie with Tanner, George, Deborah, Jock, Alan (note wee car positioned on the knee) and Elaine

For years we thought we were all alone. As you are about to find out, all the best people are Kempiks and there are loads of us around the world. Our little group in Scotland is the tip of the iceberg, there are a very special group in Germany, most of whom I have had the pleasure to meet, thanks to a very special person. Gerhard Kempik. Very special thanks for all your help and good wishes Gerhard. It was with Gerhard's help that I was able to put together the information that I put on the "B.B.C. WW2, People's War" web site. You will find a link to this information on "My Links Page". There are also some Kempik's in Poland, some in Russia and America. I am looking for others. Are we all related? I need to find out.

I will be including pictures of Kempik's from the past and present, my own family and extended family in Scotland, Poland and Germany. What about the rest of the world, do you want to be in? I can only include you in this site if I have your picture, make sure I have it.


Mr. Budzynski.


I would like to give a special mention to a very special man. Mr. Budzynski. At the very beginning of my search for information about my father this man gave me some of the most important information and help not to mention encouragement. I met him after visiting the Polish Combatants Club in Edinburgh from just a chance phone call made for me by one of the members, who knew that Mr. Budzynski was in the same Division as my dad. One hour after this phone call, I was in his home, talking to him about my search and listening to his story. A story you can read in a book called "The Lion And The Eagle" by Diane M. Henderson . I recommend this book with all my heart. It tells the stories of the men, who like my dad, made there home in Scotland after the war. Mr Budzynski story is particularly moving.

You will find this book if you follow this link  http://www.cualann.com

Sadly, Mr. Budzynski died on the 1st. of April 2006 age 85 years. I feel honoured to have known him and I will never forget him.




I would like to commemorate this site and its meaning to my dad.

Maybe now, I can let go.